Monday, June 26, 2006

The Helmet: an update

Thursday, May 25th:

That's monster eating dinner.

Friday, June 16th:

That's monster sleeping on my office floor.

Now, I realize this has been going on for quite a while at this point. About a month, I guess? The reason why we are not panicked is because we've noticed what I think is a critical point:

It's not so much that he always puts the helmet on, it's that he never takes the helmet off.

As in, he moves from skateboarding outside (where he is required to wear it) to eating dinner inside to running to the store to visiting a friend. It's important to note that in between the daily going ons of his life, he always takes the opportunity to skate if it presents itself. He's had to come to work with me on a couple occasions since school let out, and in between reading Shel Silverstein and making comic books, he pops outside to skate the parking lot. He's a very active little man (hence the passing out on the floor) and I'm thinking that it's just easier to leave the helmet on.

But, because we're such awesome and caring parents, we're still keeping our eyes on the situation and monitoring his paranoia - stay tuned for updates!

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