Thursday, August 24, 2006


We live in one of the middle homes of a six rowhome set. We're right in town and our homes are old (1928), simple and have small, fenced-in yards. The two houses to our left recently began boarding a family of skunks beneath their back porches. The neighbors have consulted with a Skunk Man, set out humane traps and sprayed vinegar in an attempt to evict them. We didn't have any worries because our porches don't connect, our own porch is not closed in underneath and therefore offers no protection and we figured that with the dog, they'd probably stay out of the yard.

In fact, we even went so far as to feel sorry for the skunks. Obviously they don't want to live this close to us, but with all the housing and strip mall development taking up their habitat, they've been forced to. I'm thinking that the skunks are out skunking around doing their skunky business and muttering under their breaths about all these people gettin' up in their shit.

Well tonight, I think they had enough of us. Or, of Cinder anyway. Poor super pooch:

That's her eating a treat shortly after her fourth bath and baking soda/hydrogen peroxide rinse. She took a hit right in her fuzzy little face.

Oh, and did I mention that right after she was sprayed, she came running top speed through the house, shaking her head? Please add "scrubbing the entire footprint of the house" to Jason's list of Things I'd Prefer Not To Do At 10 O'clock On A Thursday Night When There's A Baseball Game That I Have Money On Happening Right Now.

Suburban sprawl, kids. It's a terrible thing.

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